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Injury Treatment Options After An Accident

Injury Treatment Options After An Accident

Injury Treatment Options After An Accident

Injury Treatment Options After An Accident for individuals that have suffered a serious injury certain steps must be taken in order to start physically recovering.

Injured after an accident?

Often times not all injuries are immediately visible after an accident. Symptoms of TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury, whiplash, and spine damage may take days or weeks to appear. Getting the right diagnosis can stop injuries from getting worse. Long-term chronic pain may result from whiplash and herniated spinal discs if they are not treated.

The right Injury doctor can run diagnostic imaging tests to check for internal bleeding, swelling, fractures, and soft tissue damage.

Injury Treatment Options

Life-altering injuries can result from any accident. Depending on the severity of their injuries, accident victims may experience temporary or permanent numbness and immobility.

Spinal cord injuries for instance can be treated in a variety of different ways, even through surgery. Before spinal cord, surgery is considered an injury treatment option exhausting all other alternative treatments should be researched. The first step is to visit an injury clinic that will properly diagnose your spinal cord injury.

Spinal cord injuries are often caused by car accidents. After a car accident. Below you will find alternative treatments that are best for improving injuries to the spine.

Spine Manipulation

Most spinal manipulations are done by chiropractors, although other licensed professionals including osteopathic physicians and physical therapists also do spinal manipulations.

Spine manipulation, also called the chiropractic adjustment, involves using hands to massage, manipulate, and adjust the spine. Studies have shown that spinal manipulation helps resolve problems resulting from spine injuries.

Also, asking your doctor before trying spine manipulation is important because some types of injuries can get worse with manipulation. Finally, ensure that the person performing spinal manipulation on you is trained and licensed. What you need to know about spinal manipulation.

Alternatives to Surgery After An Accident

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a non-surgical injury treatment option that alleviates improving pain after a car accident or work-related injury. Often physical therapy can aid with stretching and strengthening injured back muscles and soft tissues. Physical therapy aids with regaining loss of movement and function in order to decrease healing and recovery time.

Steroid Injections

Epidural Steroid Injections (ESI) are safe, and effective non-surgical treatment options that involve the injection of a steroid medication similar to cortisone into the Epidural Space of the spine used to help alleviate neck, arm, leg, and back pain caused by an accident.


Injuries that require surgery after any accident may include…

Spinal Cord Injury. …
Traumatic Brain Injury. …
Soft Tissue Injuries. …
Fractures. …

Any injury either from a car accident, work injury, or sports injury will require a careful evaluation by a specialty doctor. Make an appointment today with an injury doctor to learn more about your injury treatment options, and get back in the game.