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CT Scan

CT Scan

A computerized tomography (CT) scan combines a series of X-ray images taken from different angles and uses computer processing to create cross-sectional images, or slices, of the bones, blood vessels, and soft tissues inside the body. CT scan images provide more detailed information than X-rays alone.

A CT scan has many uses, but is particularly well-suited to quickly examine people who may have internal injuries from car accidents or other types of trauma. CT scans are quick, painless, and noninvasive.


In general, if you are pregnant you should not get any diagnostic scans unless necessary; however, you and your doctor have to decide whether the risks are worth the benefits of a scan. Like the MRI scanners, various CTs have patient weight limits (may vary from 200 to 280 lbs).

Unless otherwise instructed, there is no special preparation for the test. Depending on which part of your body is being scanned, you may need to wear a hospital gown during the procedure. For your convenience, we suggest you wear clothing that do not contain metal (ie. jeans, belts) and to leave the accessories as home, as patients will be asked to remove all jewelry and other metallic objects. For women, it is important to know that a metal bracket in your bra is not allowed during the MRI examination. A sports bra without closure is a possible alternative. Other items to avoid bringing with you are hairpins or hair accessories, eyeglasses, belts, and belt buckles.


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