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Joint Pain

Joint Pain

If you're a new patient dealing with arthritis, it's essential to know that you're not alone in this journey.

At CitiMed, we have experienced New York injury doctors who specialize in treating this condition and can guide you through your arthritis management.

Arthritis can show itself with symptoms like joint pain, stiffness, swelling, warmth, or redness in one or more joints. While there isn't a cure for arthritis, our goal in treatment is to help you manage pain, reduce inflammation, and maintain your joint function so you can enjoy a better quality of life.

There are various pain management treatment options available to you, tailored to your specific needs:


CitiMed doctors can prescribe medications to help alleviate pain and reduce inflammation, improving your comfort and mobility.

Weight Management

If weight is a contributing factor to your arthritis, we'll work with you on a weight reduction plan to alleviate stress on your joints.


Physical activity is a key component of arthritis management. We'll help you develop an exercise plan to improve joint flexibility and strength.

Joint Surgery Options

In some cases, when conservative treatments don't provide relief, surgical options can be explored. Our doctors can discuss these options with you if necessary.

Remember, you're not alone in this, and we're here to support you in managing your arthritis and improving your overall well-being.


What causes arthritis joint pain?

Arthritis joint pain is primarily caused by the inflammation of the joints. This inflammation can result from various factors, including wear and tear on the joints (osteoarthritis), autoimmune disorders (rheumatoid arthritis), or underlying medical conditions.

Is there a cure for arthritis joint pain?

Unfortunately, there is no cure for arthritis. However, there are effective treatments available to manage and reduce joint pain, improve joint function, and enhance your quality of life.

What are the common symptoms of arthritis joint pain?

Common symptoms include joint pain, stiffness, swelling, warmth, and sometimes redness in one or more joints. These symptoms can vary in intensity and may come and go.

Can I still exercise with arthritis joint pain?

Yes, exercise is beneficial for arthritis management. Your healthcare provider can recommend suitable exercises to improve joint flexibility and strength while taking your specific condition into account.

When should I see a doctor for arthritis joint pain?

It's advisable to consult with a CitiMed NY healthcare professional if you experience persistent joint pain, swelling, or stiffness, especially if it affects your daily activities. Early diagnosis and treatment can help manage the condition effectively and prevent further joint damage.

CitiMed New York Arthritis Doctors

At CitiMed in New York, our team of healthcare professionals is here to provide specialized care for osteoarthritis.

Here's how we personalize your treatment:

CitiMed NY Primary Care Doctors
They provide initial treatments, including anti-inflammatory medications and referrals to our expert physical therapists. X-rays are often sufficient for diagnosis.

Trusted Orthopedic Surgery Serving New York
For more complex cases, our orthopaedists can administer injections and perform surgeries, including joint replacements.

CitiMed NY Orthopedics And Rheumatology

They manage various arthritis types and autoimmune conditions, prescribing medications and providing injections.

CitiMed NY Physical Therapists For Arthritis
Our therapists are a key part of your treatment plan, focusing on improving joint function and alleviating pain.

We tailor your care to your unique needs, ensuring you receive the most effective treatment.