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Understanding Ankle Fractures

Understanding Ankle Fractures

Understanding Ankle Fractures

Ankle fractures occur when the tibia or fibula in the lower leg and ankle area is broken. These bones connect at the base of the leg, forming the ankle joint. Fractures commonly happen at the junction of the tibia and fibula, given the substantial stress on ankles.

Symptoms of a fractured ankle include:

  • Severe pain on touch
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Deformity in the ankle area

Prompt diagnosis and treatment are essential for ankle fractures. Early intervention by a renowned New York podiatrist speeds up the recovery process.

Meet Dr. Steven A. Bernstein, DPM, FACFAS, FASPS

Dr. Bernstein is a podiatric surgeon, or doctor of podiatric medicine (DPM), a comprehensive foot and ankle physician and surgeon in Fort Lee, NJ.

Meet Nazia Shah, DPM

Dr. Shah has gained training in all aspects of foot and ankle surgery with a primary focus on reconstruction, acute and chronic trauma, and sports injuries.

Doctors Nazia Shah, DPM, and Dr. Steven A. Bernstein at CitiMed in New York are dedicated to comprehensively addressing your foot or ankle concerns.

CitiMed specializes in both surgical and non-surgical care for foot and ankle issues, including sports medicine, car accident injury care, wound care, diabetic foot care, laser fungal nail treatment, pediatrics, and advanced treatments.

Our cohesive team ensures the highest standard of care, prioritizing our patients’ needs. From managing conditions like bunions to performing reconstructive foot or ankle surgeries, our expertise covers a wide spectrum. Understanding life’s demands, we are committed to offering professional, convenient, and accessible care.

Types of Ankle Fractures:

Ankle fractures can vary in their location and severity. Here are some common types of ankle fractures:

  • Lateral Malleolus Fracture: A fracture of the fibula bone on the outer side of the ankle.
  • Medial Malleolus Fracture: A fracture of the tibia bone on the inner side of the ankle.
  • Bimalleolar Fracture: Involves fractures of both the medial and lateral malleoli.
  • Trimalleolar Fracture: A more severe fracture involving the medial and lateral malleoli, along with the posterior lip of the tibia.
  • Maisonneuve Fracture: A fracture of the proximal fibula associated with an injury to the syndesmotic ligaments between the tibia and fibula.
  • Avulsion Fracture: Occurs when a piece of bone is pulled off by a ligament or tendon due to forceful contraction or sudden movement.

Each type of ankle fracture may have different treatment approaches and considerations based on the specific location and severity of the injury. An accurate diagnosis by a medical professional is crucial for determining the appropriate course of treatment.

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